CMAS Testing Information

CMAS Testing Information
Posted on 03/12/2019

IMPORTANT CMAS Testing Information

March 11, 2019

Dear EMS Parents,

As we approach spring break, this is the time of our year when we are seriously reflecting on the last three quarters with your children. We need to know if what we are doing is meeting our learners needs. Part of our reflection is what we call CMAS, Colorado Measures of Academic Success, our states common measurement of students progress at the end of the school year in English language arts, math, science and social studies.

A link to a lot of information about CMAS is here:

This year, it is critical that we get an accurate measure of our students growth and achievement. East Middle School is on a Colorado Department of Education Priority Improvement Plan. This is not something we take lightly because CMAS data shows us how well we are preparing your students in relation to the state standards. As great educators do, we have reflected on our practices and responded to this challenge. As a result, we are now engaged in better learning and instruction with your children!

Recently, our assessment scores on our NWEA tests, showed that a significant number of our students are on a trajectory to grow more than a years academic growth this year, in multiple subjects areas! We are feeling confident as we head into this years big game of CMAS, and we need your childs growth and achievement to get us over the top!

We absolutely need parents support with CMAS this year. First, please do not opt your child out of taking this test, as that stops us from accurately reflecting on our instruction, and limits our abilities to help your child in the future. If you have opted out your child in the past, it may have been for legitimate reasons at that time. State testing has improved significantly since its earlier years, and no longer consumes months of learning time. We now receive our students results in a much shorter time period than in the past, and the results do impact who receives immediate instructional support next year.

We are required to have at least 95% student participation in CMAS. Due to new legislation, if a student opts out, our school may receive the lowest possible score for that student, hindering us from moving off of the Priority Improvement Plan. The longer we are on this plan, the more challenges we will face in our future. Please help us turn more of our attention to who really matters, your children and our local school community.

If you are considering opting your child out of the test, please give me the chance to connect with you and see what I can do to answer any questions you have or to alleviate any of your fears or concerns about your child participating in CMAS. I will gladly find a time to meet with you or give you a phone call to support the success of your kids and our school.

Please note that once a first content testing session does begin, parent refusal for that whole specific test is no longer an option. Parent refusal forms must be turned into the principals of the school, by the parent or legal guardian of the student. Forms delivered by a student will not be accepted as a parent refusal. Direct parent communication with a school principal is necessary to opt a student out.

Our 2019 CMAS Testing Schedule:

7th Grade: April 2nd - 4th - English Language Arts and 7th Grade Math
8th Grade: April 9th - 12th - English Language Arts, 8th Grade Math and Science
6th Grade: April 16th - 18th - English Language Arts and 6th Grade Math

Another way parents can help this year, is to do all that you can to prevent any absences from school on the days that your child tests. If your child needs to miss school because of an illness that will prevent them from doing well on the test or is communicable, please do keep them home and love them up. We care about our kids more than taking the test on time. If a student misses school during a testing session, we will get him or her caught up to speed with testing as soon as we can, and it may alter a students schedule in order to do so.

During your childs three or four testing days, we will be instructing in a different way. No new learning will be occurring. This is a time for showing what we already know and how much weve grown. This is usually a time when students will have no, or far less homework, since their days will be filled with testing and activities intended to increase their critical and creative thought and decrease their stress levels. Our testing schedule is designed to provide students with breaks throughout the day, providing them the rest that they will need to be successful on this test. Please do your best to help your kids get an hour or two of extra sleep during these days, and send them off to school by celebrating and encouraging them with a healthy breakfast.

If you have any questions about helping to meet your childrens needs during this important testing time period, please do not hesitate to reach out to their teachers, our front office team, me or Mr. Padgett.

Thanks for your support that will help us win this year!

Timothy Fifer