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Remote Student Of the Month Celebration

February 26, 2021

8:00 AM to 8:30 AM

During the second semester of the 20-21 school year, East Middle School students are being honored during this celebration of their PRIDE: Positivity, Respectfulness, Integrity, Determination, Excellence.

8:00 AM Opening Remarks and Pledge of Allegiance--Timothy Fifer, Principal

8:05 AM  Electives Team Awards are being presented by Ms. Daigle and Ms. Quinn.

  • Madison DeGeorge is being honored for her positivity.

  • Samiyah Adams is being honored for her determination.

  • Isabella Mugni is being honored for her determination.

  • Haydin Heil is being honored for his determination.

8:11 AM  6th Grade Team Awards

  • Riley Smith is being honored for her excellence.

  • Owen Skirtich is being honored for his determination.

  • Matthew Harman Smith is being honored for his positivity.

8:17 AM  7th Grade Team Awards 

  • Lucy Hughes  is being honored for her PRIDE.

  • Scott Tetrau  is being honored for his positivity, respectfulness and determination.

  • Emilee Chavarria  is being honored for her positivity, respectfulness and determination.

8:23 AM  8th Grade Team Awards are being presented by Mr. Carei.

  • Jasmin Martinez is being honored for her positivity, integrity and respectfulness.

  • Zoe Plumb is being honored for her integrity, determination and excellence.

8:29 AM Closing--Mr. Padgett, Assistant Principal


Challenge Spanish  

Here are some expectations for students to help manage their Chromebooks responsibly:

  1. Students should bring their Chromebooks to school every day fully charged.

  2. Students will charge their Chromebooks at home.  Please leave the charger at home.

  3. Please do not put liquids of any type in the backpack with the Chromebook.   

  4. Security - the same content filters that work at school will work at home.

  5. The Official D51 Chromebook Handbook - Useful information for you and your child.

  6. Additional information about ParentVue, Schoology, ClassLink, Chromebooks, and Google meet can be found on our D51 Main Web Page under the D51 Online tab.

  7. If none of the resources within the D51 Online tab have helped to resolve your question or problem, please email the Technology Help Desk at helpdesk@d51schools.org.

EMS Families- 

Welcome back! Teachers and students alike are excited and nervous about what being in person can mean, so we ask that students remember the following:

1.  Please bring a mask to school every day.  

2.  Please wash your hands as often as you are able.  

3.  Please watch your distance... allow 6 feet between yourself and others whenever possible.

4.  If students are having any symptoms, or have been asked to quarantine, please do not send your student to school. 

Please remind your student also to bring their chromebook or other device.

We appreciate your support at EMS. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Welcome to a whole new year at East Middle School!  The year 2021 will be remarkable for many reasons; and hopefully it will lead us toward more health and happiness.  Personally, I’m hoping for a great dinner out with my family and some amazing live music, although I’m being realistic about the timing of when this might occur.  Let’s stay strong in 2021 and keep ourselves alive and well for a Winter Break next year that looks very different from this year.

So, let’s take a look at what is ahead of us during the rest of this school year:

As we are now in the thick of winter, students please check your “gear” for school.  Just like it is important to bring your Chromebook to school each day, please make sure to wear a coat that cares for your comfort and health when it’s cold outside.  Parents and students, if you need coats for the winter weather, please let our school know.  We will make sure you have what you need to stay healthy and safe.

Don’t forget your masks too.  Even with COVID-19 vaccines being on our horizon, required masks are likely to be with us all through this school year.  

On Friday, January 30th, we are hosting our first school wide, remote, Student Of the Month Celebration!  The last Friday of each remaining month of this school year, we will be honoring some of the amazing people at EMS who bring joy and amazement to our lives.  More information about how you can attend will be coming your way soon.

Eighth graders and your parents, don’t forget about your opportunity to attend the 14th Annual Educating Children of Color Summit.  This event has been made possible, for free this year, providing you the opportunity to learn about the challenges and successes of educating students of color and supporting families of color.  The event will be held by Zoom on Saturday, January 16, 2021.  Click here for more information: 14th Annual Educating Children of Color Summit.

Unlike last year, during online instruction, this April our students will be assessed in English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science with the Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS).  We look forward to this opportunity to show how much our students have grown.  One way we have grown so much over the past three years has been by having the expectation that all EMS students take this test.  EMS teachers have faith in our instructional abilities and our students.  Students and parents, please have faith with us and get ready to slay the CMAS dragon in April!

Also, ahead for EMS will be the selection of a new principal for the 2021-2022 school year.  I have decided to move on in my career, and this choice will mean that I will end my tenure as principal of EMS at the end of this school year.  I have felt honored to serve this school community for three years, and feel proud of the academic and social growth we have made together.  The efforts to find a great person to lead East Middle School in the 2021-22 school year are underway.  If you have any questions about the process and timeline to hire a new principal for next school year you can contact Nikki Jost, Executive Director of Human Resources, at 970-254-5123.  Nikki and her team will be happy to assist you.

As always, thank you for being a part of the East Middle School Community.  If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to to reach out to me so that I can help.

Timothy Fifer

Principal at East Middle School


970-254-5020 extension 33115

Q&A Challenge

Rock a Thon Flyer  


Exciting news for D51 families:
The US Department of Agriculture recently announced that they are extending their Free Meals for Kids program through the end of December 2020 or until available funding runs out. This means all students in District 51 can access healthy and nutritious breakfast and lunch at school for no additional cost.
Effective Wednesday, September 2, all students at D51 schools will receive free breakfast and lunch, no matter the student's prior free, reduced, or full pay eligibility. Students will not have to present an ID to receive their meals.
We are excited for this news and hope that having accessible and healthy meals for all students will help increase student physical and mental health which will fuel successful learning.
To see what meals will be served at your school, please visit our new online menus here: .
Please note: Households who have not yet applied for free or reduced meals for 2020-21 are encouraged to complete an application so eligible students will receive Free/Reduced meals AFTER December 2020, or when available funding runs out under the current guidance. Click here to start the application process:


Supply List
-3 boxes of Kleenex
-3 Composition Notebooks
-1 single subject notebook
-12 sharpened #2 pencils
Please pay attention the 1st week of classes and be prepared to bring any supplies requested by teachers that are specific to their classes.

School starts at 7:45AM-3:07PM
7:52AM Tardy Bell


School Hours  


8th Grade Lunch-12:34am-1:19am
7th Grade Lunch-11:24am-12:09pm
6th Grade Lunch-10:18pm-11:03pm