East Middle School Cheetahs Cells

Cell Unit Objectives and Essential Questions

Due Dates for Assignments are posted and italicized below.

Quiz over Cell structures and functions

Here's what we have so far...

Assignment or Document Printable/Viewable Format Date(s) covered in 7th  Science Class (posted date)
Cell Pretest Powerpoint Pdf Powerpoint  
Cell Pretest Handout Pdf  
Microscopy Lab Notes Pdf, Powerpoint  
Microscopy Lab Pdf, Word


Cell Lab Pdf  
Cell Lab handout Word, Pdf


Cell Study Guide

Word, Pdf

Animal and Plant Cells


Now Due:3/20/06

Cells-Computer Assignment

Trackstar Site

Handout Word,

Handout Pdf

New Deadline:3/3/06

Cell Unit Post-test Study Sheet



Cell Variety Packet



Cell Matching Quiz


Key  in PDF


Clickable Animal Cell and Plant Cell with links Animal and Plant Cells

You can use this website to finish the

Trackstar assignment and the Cell Study Guide.

Cell Video

Windows Media Player file  
    ** means posted for viewing, but they have not been covered in class.

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