Welcome to East Middle School

Dear EMS Parents and Guardians,


Recently, East Middle School received notice that it will be placed on a Priority Improvement Plan (PIP) through the Colorado Department of Education.  This placement is very concerning for our school district, our school's staff and our school administration; and we are seeking your support and advice to alleviate this situation as soon as possible.


In order to support East Middle School, please take a few moments to read through the following two items:


  1.  A letter identifying the general nature of our Priority Improvement Plan including times and locations that you can engage with our school staff and our D51 School Board.
  2. A Colorado Department of Education School Performance Framework (SPF) identifying some specific details and data relative to our PIP.


Finally, please take a few minutes to complete the following survey regarding our current schedule and our academic structure at EMS.  Survey results will be used to design a parent focus session that will be held at East Middle School next Monday, November 12th in our school library at 6:00pm.


Thank you for your support,



Timothy Fifer

EMS School Principal

Letter to Parents

School Performance Framework

Survey Link